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Gledhill manufactures a full line of snowplows
to efficiently handle your snow removal needs!




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Straight Moldboards
Straight moldboards have an integral “Built-In Baffle” and are available in uniform heights of 30", 36", 42", or 48", in lengths of 9', 10', 11', or 12'. Various reversing combinations include four power reversing models and one manual reversing model.
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Tapered Moldboards
Tapered moldboard snowplows are designed for the higher speed method of plowing. Offered in cutting edge lengths of 10', 11', or 12' with three different intake and discharge heights. Moldboards are available with an integral “Built-In Baffle.” May be selected as a fixed one way manual reversing or power reversing model.
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Jetstream™ Snowplows

Gledhill has perfected the art of throwing snow with the “Jetstream”™ model snowplow. Designed with two symmetrical inverted funnel-shaped discharge ears to pick up snow and throw it far from the road. Able to discharge snow right or left. Gledhill is the company that originally designed the “Jetstream”™ style plow and it is engineered to be the best. We have “over-speced” all critical components to easily handle whatever winter conditions you encounter. The “Jetstream”™ plow is available in 10', 11', and 12' lengths with three (3) different heights. A one ear “Jetstream”™ is also available.
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Jetstream™ One-Ear Plow Literature/Specs.pdf
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Jetstream™ Two-Ear PlowLiterature/Specs. pdf


Full Roll Straight Moldboard

Gledhill “Full Roll” Straight Moldboard Reversible Plows are designed for an effective means of snow removal. They are extremely efficient in urban environments. Our proven construction method utilizes a paneled moldboard that provides additional rigidity and efficient snow breakage for ease of snow flow. Moldboards are available in lengths of 10', 11', and 12' and 42' in height. Reversing tables are available in three power reversible models: the PR2 series, the PCL Series, and the PRT Series. A manual reversible model, the RH Series, is also available.
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Full Roll Straight Moldboard Literature/Specs. pdf


Husky™ Snowplow
Gledhill now offers a plow and hitch for most 1-ton and
1-1/2 ton series trucks. The Husky is 32" high and is available in three (3) different lengths: 8', 8-1/2' and 9'. Heavy duty construction can be found throughout the plow and the quick pin hitch. The “X” bracing on the moldboard provides extra strength for municipal applications. The top curvature of the plow is rolled forward to help deflect snow down and away from the windshield, greatly improving vision and safety. The Husky is hydraulically reversible. Computer designed and road proven, the Husky plow has the strength to push on!
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Plow Literature/Specs. pdf