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Full Benching Truck Leveling Wings

When used in combination with any type of front snow plow the Gledhill Truck Leveling Wing is really an indispensable piece of equipment for your snow removal fleet. Cost effective an d versatile because two clearing passes can be combined into one operation. Benching heights of 54" will allow you to tackle those big snow banks.

Patrol Leveling Wings
Patrol Leveling Wings have proven themselves as one of the most effective and reliable pieces of snow removal equipment. You get improved performance, longer life, less maintenance, and fewer repairs. Our trip cutting edge design on both 9' and 10' models is why we beat the competition.
Click here to view the Patrol Leveling Wings Literature/Specs.pdf
Click here to view the Patrol Leveling Wings Parts Manual.pdf


Mid-Mount Wings
The Gledhill Road Machinery Company Mid-Mounted Patrol Leveling Wing enables operators to make two clearing passes in one operation. The Mid-Mount Patrol Wing incorporates all the time tested, proven features of our front mounted patrol wing with the following advantages:
Mounted behind the truck cab allows visability out the passenger’s window,
  weight more evenly distributed on the truck chassis
Trip cutting edge will prevent wing from suddenly digging into frozen banks and
  unfrozen earth, provides less chance of damage to the wing moldboard and attachments
Rugged design by overspecifying strength of material, the Mid-Mount Patrol Wing
  is ready to take on the toughest winter.