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Snow Plow Options parts manual.

Caster Assembly
Optional 8" or 10" caster wheels for all
snow plow models.


Curb Shoe Leveling System
Optional fabricated left or right hand curb shoe
helps protect curb and plow.



Moldboard Shoe

Optional moldboard shoe for 6" or 8" cutting edges.



Rubber Baffle

Optional .5" x 12"
rubber baffle or all
snow plow models.



Trip Cutting Edge Snow Plows
The Trip Cutting Edge Snow Plow can truly meet the rigid requirements that are demanded of you and your equipment during plowing operations. Ideally suited to withstand the unexpected jolts inevitable to street plowing. The torsion spring trip cutting edge device allows the cutting edge to spring back when striking an obstruction and then returns it to the proper plowing positions. This feature means less maintenance and downtime at the least opportune time - when snow is demanding. Curb shoes are standard with all Trip Cutting Edge units and are provided to help reduce damage caused from the leading edge of the blade catching on solid objects. Designed so as to guide the plow up and over the road obstacles or to keep the plow a safe distance away from the curb.

Click to view a printable Trip Cutting Edge Snow Plow Literature/Specs.pdf