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Central Hydraulic System
Gledhill hydraulic systems are especially designed to meet your plowing needs. Today’s highway maintenance trucks have more to do and need proven reliable systems. So you avoid trouble at the least opportune time, like when snow is demanding. For over 35 years, we have had the experienced people with the ability to design hydraulic systems, and to give you the fine engineering and quality manufacturing you can bank on when you specify Gledhill equipment. We build our Central Hydraulic Systems to make your job of fighting winter easier.

Gledhill System Check List

Pumps and Drives
Front Engine PTO and Pump
Direct Drive Pump
Transmission PTO and Pump
Dual Pumps
Valve Job Functions
Plow Lift
Plow Reverse
   -PR2 or PRT, PR4 or PCL
Dump Body
   -Single Action
  -Double Action
Power Beyond Spreader
Remote Control
Electronic Controls
Push-Pull Cables
Console Stand
Air Controls
Quick Disconnect Mount
Dump Body Rub Rails
Rear Frame Cross Member
Load Sensing Pump
Direct drive variable displacement piston pump
Front mount
Transmission mount
Load Sensing Oil Tank - Standard Oil Tank
30 Gallon
In-Tank Oil Filter
In-Tank Suction Strainer
Site-Temp. Gauge
Removable Lid
Value Enclosure
Carbon Steel & 304 Stainless Steel